ASEPHI & Kerajinan Indonesia

Handicraft industry is one of the 14 creative industries, which gives its contribution to the national economic growth. The potency of handicraft industry to absorb a great number of employment certainly would increase the prosperity of Indonesian people.

As a self-relient organization, ASEPHI has actively and consistently carried out efforts to become an umbrella organization in realizing its mission and vision for its members in particular and for the craft lovers in general, through various internal and external activities that have become routine agenda, as well as other activities in form of participation and support of ASEPHI to the changes and self-supporting of its members in the future.

Since its establishment in 1975 ASEPHI has passed several governmental periods, which have more or less given valuable experiences in deciding its following policies. The politically and economically difficult era has made ASEPHI wiser in facing challenges ahead. Today, with the coming of the regional boards of management by their own will to join together to build up and develop the organization and its activities, ASEPHI would certainly better develop and move forward in the future.

ASEPHI, well- spring for strong, self reliance and Professional Entrepreneurs