Inacraft 2020

For 2 decades, INACRAFT has shown significant seriousness in enhancing the entrepreneur spirit of the young artists, producers, also Indonesian SMEs through the fascinating of Nusantara handicrafts. This achievement was inseparable from the trust given by handicraft lovers all over the country who always take a part and gave us their support to ensure this exhibition runs successfully.

In the past few years, INACRAFT has tried to make improvement and develop in order to upgrade the quality of the exhibition, not only in terms of concept and appearance but also promotion strategies, activity programs, atmosphere and also Indonesian products that will be displayed. Our orientation focus is to continue promote our superior local products that are varied, innovative, functional without leaving the educational side and still pay attention to trends that are growth in people’s lives in Indonesia and have great potential to compete in the global market.

It’s our big hope through the changes that are being pursued together can have a positive impact on the upcoming INACRAFT exhibition by presenting the characteristics of INACRAFT itself so that it has an attraction in increasing the visits of foreign and domestic buyers.

On this occasion, we gratefully present The 21st Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2019) on April 24 – 28, 2019 at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center Make sure you join in our exclusive and biggest craft exhibition, INACRAFT 2019, which is always anticipated and become the pride of Indonesian Craft lovers!

“Jakarta Enjoyable Multicultural Diversities”

The Iconic National Monument as a symbol of capital city embedded in the community for the city of Jakarta. Cities with diverse ethnic and community cultures that have been assimilating with other social groups make Jakarta visited by many people from various regions. Rapid social economic life has become an attraction for people to do business and earn money. No doubt, Jakarta is the center of business and as a barometer for other regions in Indonesia.

The combination of multi ethnics and cultural acculturation has more or less influenced the original traditions of the people of Jakarta. An almost forgotten variety of original art and culture encouraged us to preserve and attempt to develop it.

With the theme “Jakarta Enjoyable Multicultural Diversities” INACRAFT is back to present the diversity and beauty of DKI Jakarta as an icon, occupying the entire hall of the Jakarta Convention Center Convention Center on April 24 – 28, 2019.

July 2020
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