To channel the aspirations of entrepreneurs & artisans in crafts sector in order to encourage entrepreneurial spirit of craftsmanship and handicraft producers to become professional businessmen and also to support government efforts to ensure the success of National Economic Development program.

  1. To help overcome obstacles in the production and marketing process.
  2. To open marketing opportunities for craft products at home and overseas.
  3. Assisting the development of craft product designs with market orientation.
  4. Brainstorming the entrepreneurs’ point of view to enhance their business progress future.
  5. To guide the small and medium enterprises of crafts in conducting exports procedures and to enhance trade promotion through exhibitions/fairs and trade missions.
  6. Improving business networking among members in the framework of mutual business benefit partnership
  7. Participating into the right and suitable trade exhibitions in house and abroad at an affordable cost for craftsmen and Indonesia handicraft producers.
  8. Developing and enhancing mutual partnership with Government Institutions and Private Sectors, correlated and synergic associations and NGOs, as well as with other promotional companies/institution at home and abroad.